01 January 2011

Happy new year

Happy new year. Welcome to 2011 (not that numbers make much difference to reality). I hope that this year will be peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling, satisfying and above all happy.

Durham UK is 54.8 degrees north, and 1.6 degrees west. This means that sunrise and sunset are later than London UK in the winter. It also means that, living closr to the Arctic, the weather in Durham is mostly a good deal more miserable than the south east of England. Hmm!

Sunrise today at 08:30, although the total cloud cover, gloom and rain means that no-one on the ground will have noticed. Would that I were seated in a jetliner heading for New York City. Sunset today at 15:47. I am looking forward to longer daylight hours, sunshine, warmth.

The snow has now all-but gone, although there remain heaps of dark, mucky, frozen slush heaped up out of the way: one heap I saw yesterday was at least 2 metres high. Although wintry showers are forecast over the next week, and plenty of overnight sub-zero temperatures, it does not look like a return to Siberia is imminent.

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UnmotheredChild said...

Haha this picture in your header is fantastic!