05 March 2005

Kroller Muller sculpture garden near Apeldoorn. The Kroller Muller museum at Hoghe Velouw [check spelling] near Apeldoorn in the eastern Netherlands, is one of the most rewarding art galleries and sculpture gardens I have ever visited. In particular, the gallery houses a substantial collection of works of art by Vincent van Gogh in which it is possible to experience van Gogh's compassion, his exuberance and his ability that I have always taken for granted when viewing his most famous works of art displayed in various national galleries. The Kroller Muller has other collections too, including sculptural works by such artists as Giacometti, as well as staging exhibitions. The scupture garden is both important and a delight to walk round (including with a camera!). Unmissable. Posted by Hello

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alan said...

Hi peter, i'm also thinking of starting a weblog.... oh dear - do i have the time? i love yours - it feels real and live and honest and you have some lovely photos..