02 March 2005

Welcome back

Of course I have experienced withdrawal symptoms. It wasn't my fault. Honestly, it wasn't my fault. On Wednesday 16 February 2005, my laptop's hard drive chewed itself into pieces and ascended into hard drive heaven. I am without a credible means of access to the internet. I have paid two arms and three legs to have any uncompromised data from the remaining shards of the deceased hard drive of my now-Golem-like laptop dumped onto DVDs that I cannot read because my laptop requires a hard drive in order to boot up. At present, I can only hope that there is data on the DVDs to be read. I can barely wait to be up and running again with my own computer. The current hiatus does not mean that my writing digits have been idle. I have been writing letters. I am enjoying hand-writing letters. Having taken the plunge to install a wi-fi card on my daughter's low-spec and ponderous laptop, I am now also able to resume writing this weblog. Normal service will not be resumed for several weeks, but it will be better than listening to static - "CQ, CQ, come in."

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